Marketing for the Holiday Season

Is your business prepared to reach holiday shoppers this year? Explore tips to increase your sales cost-effectively.

Is your business prepared to reach shoppers this holiday season? Consumers seem to begin shopping earlier each year and do much of their research online, even for products or services they intend to purchase in person.

With the holidays rapidly approaching, there are marketing opportunities businesses can incorporate to cost-effectively drive incremental Q4 revenue.

Targeted Online Advertising

Consumers’ holiday shopping often involves multiple digital points throughout their purchase journeys. Regardless of a business’s existing presence on these platforms, advertising campaigns on Google Ads or Meta’s Facebook & Instagram are effective and can be developed to start displaying ads quickly. Advertising on these platforms is very scalable to your available marketing budget and can target specific audiences based on characteristics such as users’ location, interests, and more.

To learn more, you can check out our free guides on digital marketing best practices.

Social Media

Social media offers excellent opportunities to connect with potential customers and to promote limited-time sales or special events.

Post content at consistent intervals through the holidays and utilize calls to action which can include an online purchase, shopping in-person, or buying a gift certificate. Also be sure to utilize multiple format types such as Stories or Reels on Instagram, which often have higher user engagement than static posts. For top posts that could benefit from additional longevity and visibility, consider “pinning” this content to the top of your profile.

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Google Business Profile

During the holiday season, it’s important to ensure your Google Business Profile including your business’ contact information and hours are up to date.

Consumers often use these listings to contact businesses directly or to verify their hours of operation, especially on days surrounding a holiday. Shoppers who arrive at a storefront only to realize the published hours were incorrect may likely not return and instead move on to visit one of the business’ competitors.

Similar to social media, these listings also offer highly visible opportunities to promote limited-time sales or special events. When applicable, incorporate a call to action with each post to inspire a customer’s next step with your business.

Our Google Business Profile guide is available for additional information.


Though the holidays are quickly approaching, there is still time to optimize your business’s online presence and capture additional sales. With early implementation and consistent attention, these simple steps can pay dividends for your business.

Taylor Brown
Taylor Brown

Taylor is the owner & digital strategist of Go-To Man Marketing. With a passion for digital marketing and analytics, he's helped clients to grow their businesses for more than a decade.

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