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What is SEO?

Website SEO (or search engine optimization) is the process of enhancing your site and its content to be more easily found and ranked by search engines for potential customers. With billions of searches on Google daily, SEO and its benefits for your online presence are critical in today’s marketplace.

Importance of SEO

How far do you scroll on Google before clicking a website link? Having a top position among search results for the terms related to your products/services is essential for today’s businesses. Statistically, most shoppers will visit one of the top three listings, and nearly 90% of searchers don’t scroll past the first ten results. Missing out on a top search ranking can have a very tangible impact on your revenue.

Search Ranking Factors

Did you know more than 200 variables can factor into a website’s rankings on Google? Search engines will also periodically adjust the importance of these variables and their overall ranking formulas in a process called an algorithm update. With this dynamic situation and the constant change in your specific competitive landscape from local and national competitors, close monitoring and continual optimization of your site’s presence is essential.


Website SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. It will take significant time for an SEO expert or your internal team to perform an SEO overhaul. This process may include tasks such as keyword research, technical analysis of your website, and drafting of new content. It also typically takes a few months after the implementation to begin reaping the benefits as search engines evaluate and value your site’s changes.

While a one-time SEO refresh sets a great foundation for improved rankings, long-term SEO success comes from ongoing maintenance and improvement. Competing sites can quickly overtake your early victories if your website SEO is neglected.


Website SEO is tremendously valuable in growing the online presence of your business. With ongoing improvements and a bit of patience, your website will be well-positioned to outpace competitors and be more easily found by shoppers searching for your products and services.

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