YouTube Ads for Your Business

Did you know advertising on YouTube isn’t only for large brands with huge budgets? With video consistently ranking as a top format for many advertisers, small businesses should consider YouTube in reaching shoppers.

Benefits of Video Advertising

Similar to other digital advertising, video ads allow businesses to advertise affordably and without lengthy ad flights. Being a Google brand, YouTube also provides extensive audience targeting capabilities. Advertisers can target shoppers based on their location, demographics, interests, and behaviors, pinpointing their marketing dollars toward their ideal customers.

Businesses can also repurpose existing video assets such as television commercials for their YouTube campaigns, saving production costs and launch time.

AIDA Video Formatting

Many marketers follow the “AIDA” formula for optimal video ad performance – Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

As with any form of advertising, strive to capture shoppers’ attention immediately with attractive, quality visuals. Then, develop their interest by communicating how your product, service, or business overall stands out from your competition. Next, instill a sense of desire by showing how you can meet their needs. Finally, drive action with calls to action in both the video’s content and the additional text fields provided by most platforms.


To recap, video ads offer cost-effective reach to shoppers in your area of service and robust targeting of the specific audiences you’re seeking. Platforms like YouTube offer scalable budget ranges and flexibility not offered by traditional advertising. Lastly, analytics provides transparent campaign performance data, allowing you to measure ad results towards your overall goals.

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Taylor Brown

Taylor is the owner & digital strategist of Go-To Man Marketing. With a passion for digital marketing and analytics, he's helped clients to grow their businesses for more than a decade.

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