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Facebook Ads for Your Business

Facebook Ads offer businesses and non-profits cost-effective reach to shoppers across Facebook, Instagram and more.

Campaign Setup

Unlike traditional advertising mediums, Facebook ads can run effectively without the requirement of overly expensive budgets or lengthy campaign flights. This flexibility allows small businesses to create effective ads on short notice for a weekend pop-up sale or to move an unexpected product surplus.

Depending on your business goals, campaigns can be set up based on specific objectives such as growing your page’s follower base, increasing reach of a recent post, driving website traffic and even goals such as e-commerce sales.

Campaign Targeting

Facebook Ads also provide the ability to target ads exclusively to specific set(s) of users. Shoppers can be pinpointed based on their location., demographic (as allowed by Facebook Ads policy), and interest/ behaviors. You can also advertise offers to existing shoppers based on your current followers or uploading customer lists.

Ad Creative

Creative is essential to a campaign’s success, and Facebook offers a spectrum of options to engage users including image carousels, video and even dynamic product content from an e-commerce product feed.

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*This article is provided for informational purposes. Use your best judgment and/or consult with a marketing professional for your specific situation.